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Leo Cheng

Leo Cheng is Photo Director of Apple Daily Hong Kong. Cheng joined Apple Daily in 1995 as senior photographer and has been working on multimedia since 2008. Now he leads a team of 36 photographers who take photos and videos, produce VR content and do live streaming on a daily basis.


Robert Padavick -- Lam Woo Senior Reporter in Residence

Robert Padavick is currently Director of VR and 360-degree video for the USA TODAY NETWORK. He co-created the recently-launched “VRtually There”, one of the first weekly news programs native to VR. Other projects have included the Murrow-Award winning “Harvest of Change”, as well as VR experiences with the U.S. Ski Team, Indy 500 and the U.S. Navy. Robert works with journalists and developers across the USA TODAY NETWORK to apply Virtual Reality to feature storytelling and breaking news.

Thomas Di Fonzo

Thomas Di Fonzo is the head of the Asia video team at The Wall Street Journal in Hong Kong. Tom leads the delivery of daily video news coverage and multimedia projects, and most recently, Asia-focused virtual reality storytelling and immersive packages. Tom began his career with the Journal in London, where he started the European video operation and led its move into live programming.

Ziv Schneider- Lam Woo Senior Reporter in Residence

Ziv Schneider is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in New York. Her practice involves research and explorations of new technologies like virtual reality and 3D scanning for non fiction storytelling. She is a graduate of NYU’s ITP maters program,where she is currently an adjunct professor.  In 2016, Schneider co-created RecoVR : Mosul, a collective reconstruction, the first virtual reality piece released by the Economist as a research fellow with The Economist Media Lab.


KC Lai

KC Lai is the founder of iZugar Studio and has been a pioneering VR photographer for more than 20 years. Frustrated with getting the right tools in the market, he started making his own gear, focusing on new fisheye optics. Now, iZugar systems are widely used in over 45 countries for making VR video, and his team continues to push the frontier, raising technical limitations for VR content creation.

Monday, Nov 14

Using virtual reality effectively in the newsroom
Robert Padavick
CVA 517

Tuesday, Nov 15

Creating The Economist’s first VR story: RecoVR: Mosul
Ziv Schneider
AAB 611


Wednesday, Nov 16

VR Production Workshop
Robert Padavick and KC Lai
*Registration required. Workshop to be held in CVA.

Virtual Glue: different ways to build virtual worlds and the loops they create with physical reality
Ziv Schneider
CVA 203

Thursday, Nov 17

Virtual Reality & Digital Storytelling: Group Presentation and Panel Discussion
CVA 1022
Leo Cheng,Thomas Di Fonzo, KC Lai, Robert Padavick, Ziv Schneider, *Students will receive a free Google Cardboard VR Headset on a first-come basis

VR Open Demo Room
CVA 1022
All students are invited to drop in at any time during this period to try out different VR technology and experience VR stories first hand. This is a chance for you to immerse yourself in VR.
*Some students will receive a free Google Cardboard VR Headset

Friday, Nov 18

Production Workshop Viewing Party
Robert Padavick & Journalism Dept Faculty
CVA 1022
Students participating in Wednesday’s production workshop will present their VR videos. Open to all.


Four types of transportation in Hong Kong

By Henry Wong, Charlotte Yang & Sharon Shi

360° Authentic Hong Kong: Sham Shui Po

by Pamela Lin, Joyce Zhou, Crystal Tai & Angela Cheung

VR 360 Lunchtime Live Performance @Taikoo Park

by Edith Lu, April Zhou, Mollie Du & Joy Zhong

The first 3D Printing Exhibition in Hong Kong(VR)

by Yao Yuxin, Zhang Haoran, Yang Jingy & An Chang

Ricoh Theta S Tutorial

A comprehensive video and text guide to using, importing, editing and uploading 360 footage from a Ricoh Theta camera.

USA TODAY Best Practices in VR Production

Link will let you download this excellent USA TODAY best practices reference guide for VR production.

Editing Ricoh Theta 360 video in Premiere

A simple how-to video for editing Ricoh Theta 360 video in Premiere using the regular video mode.

Guide to VR devices

Excellent breakdown of the different VR devices, cost and pros and cons.

New VR Mode in Premiere

A quick video guide explaining the new VR mode for editing 360 video in Premiere.

Choosing a 360 camera

Good explanation of different kinds of 360 cameras from entry level to cinema grade.

Learn Unity

Teach yourself to use the free software Unity to make virtual worlds for VR storytelling.

Stanford Journalism Program's Guide to VR Journalism

Essay from two Stanford professors on teaching VR in its journalism program, including challenges and ethical questions with lots of good links.